​Say Hello To The Guardians

If you haven't heard, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has said it's final goodbyes. Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! will be opening for summer 2017... Read More

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​​​​​7 Often Missed Baby-Proofing Tips

Most parents, are often aware of the obvious baby proofing checklist items: baby gates,... Read More​​​

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Practical Ways To Prepare For Cold And Flu Season

Although people hope they won't get a cold or flu during the winter season, the odds are that they will catch some type of illness during these months. However, you can take some... Read More​

A Mom’s Guide to a Stress-Free Summer
Summer comes along with warm, sunny days, bursting with opportunities for outdoor family fun. But by mid-July, the kids have been home for several weeks, and by now most parents are having a hard time keeping them busy... Read More

Meet Chappell Ferrin
I am a Midwest girl living in California. I love my husband Kent for embracing me exactly as I am and being the yin to my yang. I love being a Mom to my beautiful, crazy, funny and loving girls. I have awesome friends, an unbelievable and very patient family, and a great church community. I am so blessed to be a part of 120 orphaned kids’ lives.... Read More

Could Carrie Fisher’s Heart Attack Have Been Prevented? 
Carrie Fisher, sadly died days after suffering a heart attack on a plane at age 60. Fans around the world were shocked, but should we really be so surprised? Heart disease is the number one... Read More

Working From Home When You Have Kids

Working from home sounds like the ideal life when you have children. After all, you get the best of both worlds – you get to earn an income and further your professional life, but you still get to stay home and raise your kids... Read More​​

Simple Ideas To Get In Shape For Summer

Getting in shape for summer is more than just feeling good in a swimsuit... Read More​​​​

Pacific Wine And Food Classic Unveils Featured Wineries and Chefs

Pacific Wine and Food Classic has announced the first participants in the foodie event of the summer, celebrate with summer inspired culinary bites, wine pairings and refreshing hand crafted cocktails beachside at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20, 2017.
The participating chefs will create dishes reminiscent of their favorite summer memories, Patron Tequila will offer... Read More​​​​

 ​​​​​​Unique Ideas To Be Gutsier In life​ 

Being human takes guts, but confidence doesn't come easily for everyone; and often... Read More​​

6 Tips for a Successful Baby Sleeping Strategy

Getting your baby to sleep soundly is one of a mother's greatest challenges. When... Read More​​

Meet Stacy Clark
I was surprised by how becoming a new mom influenced me creatively. Over the past twenty years, I’ve been devoted to my music career as a full time singer/songwriter. When my daughter was born I found that my priorities shifted. I wanted to spend all
of my time with my daughter and husband. In that journey... Read More​

Meet Sarah Powers
I grew up in California but spent sixteen years away in Chicago and Arizona. Returning to the land of flip-flops and surfers as a parent of my own kids is such a great feeling. I didn’t realize how much of this lifestyle was in my bones still, even after  being away for that long. No matter where you live... Read More​​

Guests Will Step Into A Guardians Of The Galaxy Story For The First Time

Beginning May 27, guests will get to meet the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, the popular gang... Read More​

Losing the Joy of Motherhood? Try these Ten Super Mom Techniques

Life as a super mom is challenging. Here are the top... Read More​

The Health Benefits of Sex

The term sex conjures up many images, but seldom is this basic human act discussed in terms of health and fitness... Read More​​​

Pacific Wine & Food Classic

Spring Into Warmer Months With A Picnic Spread Made From The Heart

It's that time of year, the urge to go outside increases by the day. There's more sunlight, birds are chirping and, in some lucky parts of the nation, flowers might even be in bloom. What better way to welcome spring than with a picnic prepared from the heart, complete with homemade breads and baked goods made from scratch? Whether you're celebrating a spring holiday or birthday, looking for a new idea for date night or just want an excuse to relax... Read More​​​​