By Peggy Tanous

This month I wanted to discuss a topic that is very serious and hits very close to home for me and that is depression. If you watched me on Housewives, I shared a dark secret I was hiding which was that I went through Post-Partum Depression with the birth of both my daughters.  I couldn’t believe the thousands of women and even men that reached out to me after that episode aired. So many going through the same struggles.

Besides Post-Partum, so many people battle depression and hide it so well. Look at Robin Williams. I think that was the biggest shock to the world. I know I was shocked. You look at this man and think he has a great family, friends, fame, fortune and is so funny. How could he have been depressed?  My husband would say that to me, “I give you everything but you are still not happy.” What people that have never gone through this don’t understand is that it doesn’t matter how you look, what you have or where you are in your life, but if you feel sad you just do and can’t explain it.  When I had my first daughter I thought I was just scared with having a newborn and perhaps not being as prepared for parenthood. But when I was getting angry at my daughter for no reason and then freaking out when I got pregnant again we knew something was not right. Unfortunately, Western medicine is very quick to throw prescriptions at you when you are diagnosed with issues like PPD and depression. Because I am very holistic and lucky that I have a naturopath for a mother-in-law, I chose the natural route at getting my issues under control and wanted to share them with all of you!

Obviously I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion on what worked for me, so make sure to consult with a doctor if you are having any form of depression.  Some of the products that I found worked the best are as follows:  SAMe, 5HTP, Evening Primrose Oil, St. John’s Wort and Fish Oil. I took SAMe while I was pregnant with my second and it really helped not only with my depression but with anxiety. You can find all these supplements at your local health food store or online. I found the GNC brand of 5HTP worked best on me. Another calming supplement I love and just recently discovered is Gabba. These are some great alternatives if you want to avoid the prescription route and go natural!

Besides these supplements, the best advice I can give is we all have bad days and find someone you can trust and vent to. I also found if I worked out or got out of the house for at least 30 minutes a day it changed my whole perspective on things. Even taking a walk around the block will make you feel better. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. You will eventually feel better and if you are no feeling better there are several places to seek help. Don’t wait until it is too late.

I hope this helps some of you battling the things some many of us have and still do!! Please feel free to reach out to me for more help, questions or ideas for future articles by emailing me through or @peggytanous on Twitter!!! Until next month, stay positive!!!


*Please note: These are the opinions of the writer, always consult your doctor.

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“Depression – The Secret So Many Are Hiding”