For most moms, a huge daily frustration is keeping all the toys and paraphernalia kids seem to accumulate out of sight in the home. It’s important, and can be easy, to teach children to put their toys away when they are done playing, especially if a routine is started when they are very young. But what happens when kids run out of storage and can’t put their toys away? In most homes, storage space is at a premium, and space for toys seems to run out the most quickly. But for parents determined to keep their floors and furniture toy-free, creating storage space for kiddos to store their junk can be easy, and make the home look better.

Window seats can make nearly every home look more welcoming, and can create happy nooks for kids to hide away and read quietly. Creating spaces like this can be lifesavers for busy and overwhelmed moms, but not every home comes with built-ins and constructing them can be costly and time consuming. Luckily, faux window seats have just the same effect with none of the hassle. Ready-made benches are available at nearly every big box and furniture store, and many of those have nooks built in for storage. These benches can be made into inviting window seats by adding a comfy cushion and some pillows, with a fluffy throw for chilly days by the window. Popping bins into the nooks gives kids a great place to store their books, toys, and stuffed animals and still keep them close at hand.

Using wasted underbed space for storage is nothing new, but too often anything shoved under a bed gets lost before too long. Luckily, a quick trip around a home goods store offers many options on actual storage for the underbed space. Underbed drawers are the easiest of all the options to use, and come in all sizes to fit beds from twin to king. These drawers are great for kids to use themselves, as the wheels make them easy to pull out, and their solid structure keeps toys wrangled. For anyone looking for a less pricey, or less bulky, option, underbed storage bags are perfect. These zippered bags keep toys and extra clothes corralled, and can be stacked up to the bed frame. Though they’re not as easy for kids to use, they do get the job done.

Most everyone knows that vertical storage, or getting stuff off of tables and the floor, is the way to go throughout most of the house, but too few people use it in kids’ spaces. Bookshelves, of course, are great for vertical storage, but there can only be so many crammed into a child’s room. The solution: hanging shoe storage. These nifty storage pockets can be hung from closet and bedroom doors or from hooks on the wall, and can be stuffed with all the small paraphernalia that kids collect. These are perfect for collections of small stuffed animals, art supplies, or parts of larger toys. Of course, keeping them low enough for kids to clean up after themselves is key with any vertical storage, but that’s an easy enough task to get great storage.

The key to getting rid of kid-sized clutter is to be creative; backs of doors, insides of cabinets, and awkward corners can all be used to store the junk that surrounds all kids. Making a few simple and unobtrusive changes can clear a home of toys in no time, and help teach kids the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves. And, of course, these few little changes can take a load off of already stressed out moms.

“Kick the Kiddo Clutter”

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