The District at Tustin Legacy

1. Decisions! Decisions? Decisions!      

Pick a class on the calendar. With hundreds of paintings in the archive there is sure to be a painting you’d like to see proudly displayed on your wall. We participated in one of the fun “Date Night” classes where two people each paint opposite sides of a picture. When the paintings are held side by side, they become one cohesive piece of art!

10 Ways To Create A Masterpiece Pinot’s Palette

What do paint and wine have in common? Not much…until recently! Pinot’s Palette in Tustin is where the two come together and after a recent visit, let me tell you – they are a perfect pair.

Pinot’s Palette is the newest addition to the social “paint and drink” concept. Classes are purely for fun, friends and a good time without an artistic background prerequisite (although those “right-brained” creative folks are not excluded). We had a blast and would highly recommend signing up for a class for a fun girl’s night out, a date night or solo to meet people. Here are some tips and what to expect during your fun-filled evening at Pinot’s Palette.

5. Pick Your Poison          

Let’s face it, a little booze makes most things better…including my artistic abilities. Grab a glass (or bottle) of wine or a craft beer to help your creativity flow. Prices are very reasonable and there are often specials. Some classes on the calendar offer a free glass of wine to enjoy. We were offered 25% off a bottle on the night we visited. Of course we took advantage of this! Cheers!

6. It’s time to paint!         

An instructor will guide you step-by-step as you paint away. The painting is far less intimidating once it is broken down. We started with a corner of yellow, then a layer of green, then add a branch…you get the idea.

2. Remember To Bring . . .          

Yourself! Yip, that is it. Pinot’s Palette provides the paint, the canvas, the aprons, the brushes and anything you may need.

3. Remember what NOT to bring . . .      

No one under the age of 21. There is a traveling studio for kid’s parties scheduled to be up and running by July 1st but until then, this is not a child friendly zone. No BYOB. Not a biggie as Pinot’s Palette has a nice selection of wines and craft beers to purchase and enjoy while painting. There is also a great selection of restaurants at The District at Tustin Legacy to choose from if you’d like to grab a pre-paint bite or drink.

4. Show Up . . . Early              

Arrive a bit early so you have time to meet your “neighbors,” grab a drink and ask all the questions you will probably have. The staff is incredibly helpful and will gladly help you out even if they’ve heard the question about 10x already. “No, you do not have to be an artist to create a beautiful piece of art” Ok! Ok! Got it!

7. Bring Out Your Inner Picasso         

Although instructions are provided to recreate a replica of the painting of the night these are just suggestions. If you are ambitious you can switch out the colors or add some personal touches. We switched red for green and added some gold and silver touches for a reflective sparkle. And of course, I added a little heart! It was “Date Night” after all!

8. Water vs Wine           

I’m well aware of the difference but still did it! I dipped my paint brush in my wine instead of water cup! Eek! Painting can be very tranquil and I was “in the zone!” You’ve been forewarned!

9. Paint to the Beat           

The music at Pinot’s Palette is a great mix of 70’s and 80’s tunes that you know well and love to sing (or dance) along to. Don’t be surprised if the staff starts a conga line mid-session.

10. Paint to Wall in One Night        

We loved that we could take our paintings home at the end of the class. No down time and none of the hassle of having to come back and pick it up a week later, like some art classes. Pinot’s Pallete also has some frames you can purchase that really make the painting look art gallery worthy.

And don't forget “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.” As the motto states…it IS that simple!