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4 Things You Need For the Perfect Blow Dry

It never fails. You try to recreate that perfect salon blowout at home, but instead end up with something that makes you look like you spent a day in a wind storm. You don’t have to be a pro to get great results; you just have to use the right stuff.

  • The Right Suds        

Two-in-one shampoos were once thick, goopy concoctions intended to save time in the shower, but that ended up coating the hair and robbing it of volume. Thankfully, the new generation of shampoo-and-conditioner combos is much more hair-friendly, and features natural ingredients that are lightweight and promote fuller, bouncier hair. Instead of using harsh detergents that strip your scalp and hair of the good oils, today’s low-sudsing product uses botanicals and essential oils to gently remove dirt and replenish your hair with just enough moisture to keep it healthy, without leaving the volume-killing residue.

  • Creating a Barrier           

Blowing hot air directly on your naked hair is not unlike sitting on the beach without wearing sunscreen. The result, over time, is dull, dry, and frizzy hair. Using a thermal spray or blow-out balm can make a world of difference to your hair’s health and appearance.

If smooth and sleek hair is your goal, blow-dry balm should be your new best friend. Applying the balm to damp hair will lightly coat your hair, creating a protective barrier against the heat. It also seals the hair shaft, making it appear smoother and shinier.  For those who blow dry, but prefer a more tousled style, a lightweight spray-in thermal protector will let your natural wave come through.

  • That Nozzle              

Remember that removable nozzle that came with your blow dryer, the one you threw in your bathroom drawer and forgot? It’s time to dig that little guy back out and place it where it belongs–on the end of your blow dryer. That nozzle concentrates the air flow into a controlled stream, which you can then direct exactly where you need it. You get quicker and smoother results, and also reduce frizz, by not blowing hot air on already-styled sections.

  • Locking In Your Style            

While the days of “freezing” your hairstyle in place are long gone, a light misting of hair spray will give longer life to your blowout, especially if you live in a high-humidity region. Create a barrier against humidity, and the frizz that comes with it, by using a humidity-proof hairspray. Once your style is just right, spray your hair with a light coating to retain the sleekness. If you have thick hair, you may want to spray your hair in sections to protect the layers under the surface.

Using the right products and tools will not only give you better hair, but can extend the life of your style. Give any or all of these a try, and start enjoying salon results from your home.