.   The mashed potatoes - Mashed potatoes are easy to make, but will take around 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. Just like the gravy, the mashed potatoes are another dish that requires a spot on the stove, and just like the gravy, you can freeze your mashed potatoes as long as you coat them with plenty of butter and cream. Because you can freeze them, you can prepare them days before Thanksgiving. If you make them the day before, putting them in the fridge should suffice.

.   The cranberry sauce - Like gravy, cranberry sauce doesn't take that long to make. It shouldn't take more than ten minutes to heat up and dissolve the cranberries in whatever recipe you're using. However, it will need time to cool down. Make it the day before and just stick it in the fridge and it will be ready to serve whenever you need it.

.   The dinner rolls - If you are making your own dinner rolls, then you can bake them at any time prior to Thanksgiving and toss them into the freezer. Take them out the day of to let them thaw a bit so that they will heat up faster once you need them.

If you're preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for more than a few people, then odds are you're planning to cook a lot of food. Cooking the turkey itself can take up a lot of your time, which means you've got to juggle the preparation of a lot of different dishes to make sure they're all ready to serve at the same time. This can be too much of a challenge for some - and even if it's possible, it can be very stressful and overwhelming. Instead of attempting cook and bake everything on the day of Thanksgiving, consider preparing some of your dishes a day or two in advance. The following are five dishes that can be made before Thanksgiving to help lessen your workload on that day.

.   The gravy - No Thanksgiving meal is complete without gravy. Although gravy only takes ten minutes or so to prepare, that does mean that you'll need a spot on your stove to do it on. By making your gravy the day before, you'll be able to heat it up last minute once your turkey is done. Simply make your gravy beforehand and freeze it. Once you heat it up (which you can do quickly in the microwave), you can add turkey drippings to it for an authentic gravy flavor.

.   The pie - If you are making a custard pie, then you'll need to do it the day before or the day of Thanksgiving since these types of pies don't freeze well. However, you can make the pie crust days ahead of time. If you're making any other type of pie, like apple pie or blueberry pie, you can make it and freeze it, then bake it the day of Thanksgiving by throwing them in the oven as soon as you take the turkey out.

Trying to make a dozen different dishes at once on the day of Thanksgiving is not only quite difficult, it can be seriously stressful. By making these five dishes before Thanksgiving, you'll help to lessen your workload quite a bit on the day of.

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5 Dishes you can prepare before Thanksgiving Day