7 Easy Relaxation Tips For Helping Busy Moms Reduce Stress

Doesn’t it seem as though there’s no rest for the weary? And, doesn’t it also seem as though the weary person is usually mom? That’s probably because moms take care of home and household as well as everything in between. So the question one must ask is; who takes care of mom? The answer? You do! If you happen to be a busy mom, odds are you need to learn to value yourself and your own personal needs by scheduling some special alone time.

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This personal time is a right of yours and is a real necessity for busy moms. All busy moms have the ability to nurture others but that constant care and giving can definitely takes its toll.

For example, a vehicle needs gasoline to make it run. Sooner or later the gas will run out and you won’t be able to use your car until it’s filled up with fuel. This analogy also goes for you. If you don’t find the time to replenish your body and mind, just like a car engine, you simply won’t function. Even worse, if you do try and push things to the limit, you run the risk of developing emotional or physical issues brought on by excess demands on your system. You need to maintain your emotional well-being, to ensure your running in top shape and with a full tank of gas.

By taking personal mom time, you allow yourself to refuel, so that you can provide for your family and for yourself. Next time you feel overstretched, don’t be ashamed or afraid to take fifteen minutes to sit and decompress. Here are a few tips to help you fit in some much needed “mom” time:

1. Wake up early if needed.
When you have kids, the day begins at a hurried and hectic pace. Once your day begins, you need to hit the ground running and there is very little opportunity to stop. By waking half an hour before everyone else, you can create some private time for a little peace and solitude to enjoy a cup of coffee, meditate, listen to some music, or read a book.

2. Find an outdoor escape.
In the spring or summer, relaxing in a backyard hammock or lounge chair under a tree is often the perfect escape from the pressures of the day. Sitting quietly reading a book or magazine for a while can seem like bliss to many moms.

3. Ask your partner for help.
Obviously children love their mothers but father time is important as well. Get your partner to take care of the kids and let them bond together while you go out shopping, for a coffee with girlfriends, or simply enjoy a hobby around the house. The time is yours so do whatever you’d like. Just know that if you stay around the house, you run the risk of having your personal time interrupted.

4. Turn unexceptional occurrences into major events.
What do I mean by this you ask? Well when you take a bath try adding scented candles, bubbles, soothing music and a bath pillow or headrest. All of a sudden, a normal bath has taken on a spa like atmosphere and is a much more enjoyable experience. Another way to make a normal event become extraordinary is to turn a movie into a theatre-like experience. Try turning out the lights, making some popcorn, getting rid of the phone and other distractions and curling up on the couch with some pillows and blankets.

5. Fit in exercise breaks.
When you get a few spare minutes in a day, probably the last thing you want to do is exercise but by getting a little physical activity in your day, you can create some far-reaching positive results. Not only does exercise allow you to stretch your muscles but it also lets you think more clearly and drains away stress as natural endorphins are released into your body. To make this task easier, try doing some jumping jacks while watching television or try jogging to the bus stop or school when you pick up your kids

6. Make sure to laugh.
Get one of those joke a day calendars for the kitchen or find a website that offer a daily joke. You can also find plenty of videos on YouTube that are sure to provide a good laugh. This recommendation should not be overlooked as laughing reduces stress and helps lift your spirits, not to mention keeping your abdominal muscles tight.

7. Use the Boy Scout motto.
The boy scouts learn to “Always be prepared.” If you head this advice, you will be able to spend more time in a relaxed state. By staying on top of things you will incur less stress. For example, try preparing lunches, ironing clothes, and having your children place their backpacks by the front door the night before. The fewer things you find yourself scrambling to do throughout the day, the calmer and better off you’ll be when it comes to simply enjoying the downtime spent with your family.

So moms, please be sure to take proper care of yourself and mix in a bit of private time. You can only demand so much from yourself and your family would miss you terribly if you weren’t around to love and care for them the best you could. You owe it to yourself to take a break from the daily grind and refuel your engine!

Eronne Ward