About Us

About OC Mom Magazine

Welcome to OC Mom Magazine.

OC Mom Magazine is a group of dynamic moms in Orange County that deliver a sophisticated style and approach that suits so many local moms. This lifestyle outlet understands the many stages of motherhood and that a mom wears so many hats.

An OC Mom is a mother first and foremost, but she is also a woman and we are the brand that speaks to all the things that make up the WOMAN that is Mom.

OC Mom Magazine started in 1999 when the internet was just a baby. We are the first mom focused media outlet in Orange County. Our original home was www.OCMomsBlog.com. Many years have passed and media needs have changed. Readers want more depth, more rich content and OC Mom’s Blog evolved to what is now OC Mom Magazine.

We are not the typical Mom site, we are Sassy, Smart and Sophisticated. If we are going to be honest (and we are) we are also sometimes Stressed, Sleepy and yes still Sassy.

Whether you are a mother of 4, grandmother, stepmom, single mom or have recently clutched the copy of your first ultrasound, you are our family.


Relax, breathe easy, and enjoy OC Mom Magazine.

We are on the go, just like you and always available at OCMomMagazine.com