After the summer holidays, it’s easy for your child to forget all about school. September starts an exciting new school year for the kids. In no time, homework can turn into a fight between parent and child. The following 3 tips will make it easier for your child to get back into homework mode.

It’s important to set a homework routine for your child. Don’t expect him or her to ease into it right away after the summer holidays. A new school year is a transition for everyone. Figure out what time works best for your child. Don’t allow homework in a small amount of time. Always take into consideration extracurricular activities and dinner. It’s very important to give your child time to unwind after a long day.

Set up a space in the house for your child’s homework. Many parents allow their child to do homework in front of the television. This can be very distracting for a child when trying to concentrate. Choose a nice quiet area in the house set up with all the homework essentials. This includes paper, pencils, sharpener, eraser, pens, calculator and dictionary. Set a specific amount of time in front of the computer if your child needs to research a paper.

Every child needs brain food to concentrate on his or her schoolwork. It can be a far stretch from the last time your child has eaten. Children have to wait until after school to grab a snack. It’s easy to stock up on chips and pop but that can make your child feel more sluggish. Opt for a nutritious snack before dinner such as homemade chicken fingers, cut up fruits and yogurt, vegetables mixed with cheese cubes and smoothies. Re-energize your child before any homework time, which makes it easier for them to concentrate and learn.,.,. 

Back To School: How to Get Your Kids Back Into Homework Mode

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