When the kids are done, they get back into the larger group, eat what they’ve cooked, they talk about what they’ve learned, and Heidi answers additional questions.

The kids all looked like they had a fantastic week! I know Zoe was wildly proud of all her creations, wanted all the recipes and hopes to return for Vegetarian cooking classes.

Camp is $325/week with a 5% discount ($309/week) when registering siblings or additional weeks of camp. Space is limited and sells out quickly. Heidi will also be offering Vegetarian Cooking Classes soon too, and possibly even Parent and Teen classes. These are all in addition to the Chefchool for adults.

Burger Week

I’ve long said this is exactly what Orange County needs. (Seriously I’ve googled ‘OC cooking for kids’ more times than I can count and never hit the jackpot–till now.) My girl, Zoe, is a chef in the making, lives for all cooking shows and particularly loves baking; so ‘cupcake day’ was the icing on the cake when she heard about this new camp. (Basic Cooking Camp and International Cooking Camp are also offered for kids grades 1-12.)

“The kids have the best time, while also learning great skills,” said Heidi Ristau, Chefschool Owner. “All the kids are together at the start of the class, while I do a short age-appropriate lecture and demo. Then we break out into smaller groups of 4-5 children, all within the same space, to prep and cook.”


The school really is the real deal. The kids work in a commercial, industrial kitchen that’s housed at The Hood Kitchen Space Market.

“I have an assistant instructor with each group, so the kids are highly supervised and can actually cook, cut and use kitchen equipment.”

Heidi tries to get kids of relatively the same age together for their break-out groups.  “This way, I can make the hands-on part, which is most of the class, a bit more customized and age-appropriate.”

Chef school is held at The Hood Kitchen, 350 Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
For more information or to register for classes: contact Chef Heidi Ristau. 714-474-6147 or info@chefschooloc.comheidi@chefschooloc.com.

The District at Tustin Legacy

by Debbie Lavdas

Get ready for the gourmet sweets and treats to come home at pickup! My tween just wrapped Chefschool, and below is a peek at the daily delicious accomplishments. Chefschool is a brand-new cooking school in Costa Mesa that specializes in hands-on professional courses for anyone interested in improving their cooking skills—and right now the owner is offering camps for kids.