Date Night is Important!

The District in Tustin

By Peggy Tanous

Being a mother of two, I understand how it’s easy to get caught up in your baby/babies and start to forget about “date night.”  Well I’m here to tell you to start scheduling it into your monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly schedule. Not only is it important for you and your significant other to keep the romantic side to your relationship, but it is important for you to get that time away from your kids and to have a night you can dress up, have adult conversations and feel human again!

I know a lot of people may not have family here they can leave the kids with, so it makes date night tough. I recommend finding a good sitter through friends or on sites like or better yet trading with friends. You watch their kids two hours a week and the next week they watch yours! My neighbors and I do this a lot. They have two girls and so do we, so it makes it easy.

Now let’s talk about where to go or what to do for date night!!! This will depend on your budget. If money is tight or you are saving for a big trip or something, packing a picnic and going to the beach or a special place you both love for sunset  is perfect. It can even be as simple as taking a walk together for an hour or sitting at the park and talking to one another. This alone time is great bonding and a nice way to have uninterrupted adult conversation with your spouse! A place we love to go to just stroll around and look at all the beautiful arrangements is Rodgers Gardens in Newport Beach!

If your budget is not as tight, but still not a 5 star restaurant budget, an art class, the movies, a cooking class, happy hour, dance class, casual to nice dinner or even a drive along the coast are all great. Most restaurants offer great happy hours during the week and Groupon is great for different types of classes. A restaurant we like that isn’t real pricey, but good food, fun and different is Melting Pot. I love to go for desert and dip all the fruit in the chocolate fondue.

For those that don’t really have a budget their are some great options for you. One thing we love to do is  either take  a gondola ride through the harbor or rent a Duffy. The Duffy is fun for an afternoon date and a nice way to incorporate some friends coming with you. We pack wine and food and make it a floating picnic. Another great and relaxing date night option is getting a couple’s massage. I surprised Micah one year and took him to Pala Casino inland from San Diego. They had one of the most amazing couples massages I have ever had. They have a private room with a Jacuzzi you can enjoy after your massage and they bring you champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. For a great date night restaurant we love Mastros and after dinner we love to go sit at the piano bar and enjoy the music.

Regardless what your budget or tastes are, plan to make date night a priority! Trust me you will thank me. Most importantly, enjoy!

Have a great month and please let me know if you have any ideas or topics you would like discussed in a future article! @peggytanous!