Thanksgiving is a time for families to take a break from the stresses of life and simply sit down together for great food and conversation. This year, make sure that the smallest members of the family feel like they have contributed something important to the holiday.

These Thanksgiving crafts are fun to make and will give kids a sense of pride and accomplishment when you include their creations in your Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are useful to your guests and look terrific on the family table.


Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls
Craft foam in various colors


Cut paper towel or toilet paper rolls in 3-inch sections. You will use one section for each napkin ring.

Paint the rings any color you like. Brown, rust orange and dark red are great for fall.

Cut foam into fall shapes like leaves and pumpkins. You can also buy pre-cut foam pieces in a Thanksgiving theme.

Glue foam pieces onto the rings. Add more glue and glitter for some sparkle.

Leaf Print Place Cards

Make a pretty place card for each person at your table.


Fresh, pliable leaves
Permanent marker


Fold a piece of cardstock in half so it stands on its own.
Paint a leaf any color you like.
Press the painted part of the leaf onto the cardstock.
Carefully pull the leaf off.
Allow your print to dry.
Use as many leaf prints as you like.
When your design is dry, write a name on the card using the permanent marker.

Ring of Thanks

Get the whole family together to make this Thanksgiving decoration.


Construction paper in fall colors 
Permanent marker


Cut strips of construction paper, and give several to each family member.
Have everyone tell what they are thankful for, and write these on each strip of paper.
Connect the paper in rings, slipping one through another and taping them closed.
Hang your chain near your Thanksgiving table.

Handprint Turkey

This cute decoration will always remind you of when your kids were small.


Construction paper
Paper plate
Googly eyes


Trace your child's hand five times on different colored pieces of construction paper.
Cut the handprints out.
Cut the paper plate in half.
Arrange the handprints in a fan shape on the paper plate. They will be turkey feathers. Glue them in place.
Cut about a 3-inch circle from construction paper for the turkey's head.
Cut out a gobble.
Cut out a beak.
Glue the gobble, beak and googly eyes onto the head. If you don't have googly eyes, you can draw the eyes onto the turkey. You can also draw the beak if you like.
Clue the head to the center of the half paper plate.

Clay Pot Pilgrim Hat

This craft makes a cute centerpiece for your table.


A clay pot of any size.
Black paint.
Black construction paper or craft foam.
Gold glitter


Turn the clay pot upside down on top of the craft foam or construction paper.
Trace a circle that is a few inches from the pot on all sides. The circle should be the right size to look like the brim of a hat around the clay pot.
Cut out the circle.
Paint the clay pot black, and allow it to dry.
Cut a rectangle from another piece of foam or construction paper. Make it the right size to be a buckle on the hat.
Cut a small rectangular hole in the center of the larger rectangle.
Spread glue on the rectangle. Add glitter, and allow it to dry.
When everything is dry, place the pot upside down on the circle, and glue the glittered buckle to the bottom of the pot so that it looks like a buckle on a pilgrim hat.
You can decorate your hat with pine cones and flowers if you like.

These five crafts will get your kids excited about Thanksgiving and will help them feel like part of the holiday celebration. You can give the decorations to friends and family, or use them yourself for years to come.

Five Fantastic Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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