Get Your Kids Excited About Chores with the Chore Monster App 

Chores are an important part of child rearing. They teach your kids personal responsibility, show them how the real world works, and can take some of the load off your overburdened shoulders. Unfortunately, getting the kids to do their chores can be like trying to bathe an unwilling cat. As soon as you mention making the bed or folding the laundry, the claws come out and the yowling starts, and that's just mom!

Are you tired of chores ending in meltdowns and tears? Do you find yourself giving in and doing it all yourself just to avoid WWIII in your home? Have you ever found yourself thinking that things would be a lot simpler if only chores were more like video games?

Well, you may be in luck. With the introduction of Chore Monster, the new chore app that will change the way your kids do chores, there will be no more screaming, crying, begging, and cajoling. Chore Monster is a fantastic new chore app set up to mimic a video game. It's simple, effective, and fun for the parents and the kids. And best of all, it's free.

For Mom and Dad             

Setting up Chore Monster is easy. You download the app to your device or desktop and set up an adult account. This includes basic information such as email and password, and only takes a couple of minutes to accomplish. Next you create an "account" for each of your kids with a unique user name and simple password. Now you're ready to assign chores. For each child, you can choose to implement the convenient preprogrammed chores such as "brush teeth" or "clean room," or use the custom chore creator to make your own. For each chore, you are given an option to choose a start date, a time increment (one time, daily, weekly, etc.), and a time of day that you wish the chore to be completed by. Lastly, you will assign a point value to the chore, decide whether or not you would like to copy this particular chore to your other children, and voila, you are all done. You can even add a custom photo to the chore if you wish to enhance your child's experience.

Once you have assigned the desired chores for each child, you set up the rewards system. This process follows the same principle. Simply choose a reward, assign a point value, and attach a photo if you so desire. Now you are all done. Don't worry though; Chore Monster allows new chores and rewards to be added and old ones to be edited or deleted at any time.  It's as simple as that. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and watch the kids get excited about doing their chores!

For the Kids               

Once mom or dad has finished setting up the Chore Monster account, the kids can log into the app on any desktop or device using their own unique ID and password. The app is set up to remind kids of playing a video game. The home page consists of six option icons, including chores, rewards, carnival, theater, monsters, and messages. By clicking on chores, the child will be shown a list of chores that are due for the day using fun icons or the pictures that you have chosen. Upon completion of each chore, the child simply clicks the icon and chooses the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol, and then it is sent to the parental account for inspection and final approval (a step that can be overridden by mom or dad on all or selected chores).

As the child completes chores, he or she accumulates points toward the rewards. He or she also receives virtual "tickets" that can be used to open games under the carnival tab, collect monsters under the monster tab, or play silly movie clips under the theater tab. The Chore Monster app is loaded with tons of fun visual and auditory stimulation that will get your kids excited about chores, keep them entertained, and have them coming back for more.

Chores are a necessary part of life, but getting your kids to do them doesn't have to be a daily battle. Kids love playing video games and earning rewards, and the Chore Monster app uses these alluring concepts to create a fun, encouraging, successful way to get your kids to do their chores without nagging. They might even enjoy it.

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