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F.I.T.T.  is a crazy-challenging, yet strangely fun, new outdoor 8-week training and nutrition program at the upscale fitness club and hotel in Aliso Viejo. It pairs team training with the camaraderie of 20 committed gym rats who sign up for the program (and who maybe should be committed, kidding) with a very specific nutrition plan.

There’s circuit training, strength training, and interval training—you even sprint the city streets of Aliso Viejo. The exclusive blood-sugar stabilization diet was created by Chuck Rudolph, Renaissance ClubSport Dietician, MEd, RD. (Honestly, you’re almost never hungry, there’s no sugar up’s and down’s, and you won’t believe how much food you’re eating: 5 times a day, every three hours.)

By Debbie Lavdas

Spent cardio junkies, fed-up dieters and “skinny fat” folks will get a rousing wake-up call with F.I.T.T, a new 8-week program at Renaissance ClubSport that’s putting fitness myths to bed and rocking bodies across OC. I personally gave it a go, and it’s quite an eye-opener …  and ass-kicker. The next session starts May 17th; Info night is May 6th.

Who’s taking the class? It’s wildly across the board—women and men, those ages 20-60, athletes, moms, businessmen, you name it. (It’s ideal for experienced fitness participants who workout regularly, but aren’t getting the results.)

I was in class with an all-around, great group of people out to get strong, eat better and work hard. The first day I ran Pacific Park, was trailing the pack, and a few kind F.I.T.T. Crew mates came back for me to finish together. People are out to make themselves better, not compete with one another, which is always refreshing.

Hit the fitness & diet wall? Shock your system with F.I.T.T., new 8-wk team training at Renaissance ClubSport.

How does the program work? F.I.T.T. is all about raising your metabolic efficiency, building lean muscle mass and losing body fat. So Tuesday through Friday, you do different one-hour workouts on the Club’s lawn and surrounding local area.

The mood is spirited, and the music is current—from Sheppard’s “Geronimo” to Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” And speaking of shut up, Dawn’s “Train Hard and Shut Up” t-shirt says it all. She’s tough like Jillian Michaels, with a supportive, funny side, and she’s genuinely in it to have you succeed.

“We started the new program at the Club, because I’d see people busting their butt on treadmills forever, running long distances, lifting the wrong weights, and doing all these things that were never going to get them results they wanted,” said Dawn Marie, Renaissance ClubSport F.I.T.T program leader. “I wanted to go over, shake ‘em, and tell them how to really do it,” she told me.

Both Dawn Marie and Chuck Rudolph are there for you and the group at all times, whether in person, on the phone, via text or the F.I.T.T. Crew’s private Facebook page. There’s accountability to the team, program and the nutrition, which is proving to produce results people are pretty excited about. Two F.I.T.T. Crew sessions have wrapped, and the next begins May 17th, if you’re interested in signing up. Club members and non-members welcome. Details below. Learn more about F.I.T.T. at: or watch the class in action at

F.I.T.T. Crew 3 begins May 17th
Info night is May 6th, 6:30pm.
Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo
50 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, California 92656

$589 for members, $689 for non-members. Includes 8-week program/4 workouts per week/Nutrition plan and guidance. 10% off if you enroll before May 5th at the Club Desk. Contact Carolyn with any questions at 949-330-5506

What F.I.T.T. enthusiasts are saying about the program:

“I’ve been a cardio junkie for many years, always disappointed that I could not lose the weight. Dawn’s F.I.T.T. program is a game changer.” —Katie Barrios, F.I.T.T. Crew 2

“Huge difference in the way I look and feel. I got zero results just doing cardio for years. I’m down 22lbs and have lost inches off my waist, legs and hips.” —Clint Schwald, F.I.T.T. Crew 1 & 2

It’s changed my life. I am stronger than I have ever been, and I have finally learned how to eat right. —Jackie Diab, F.I.T.T. Crew 2