House Painting In OC

AAA Preferred Painting    

Services Orange County
(714) 960-0230

What they offer: Pressure Washing, Stucco Repair, Wood Installation and Repair, Texturing, Custom Colors, Acoustic Removal, Drywall Installation and Repair, and Crown Molding & Baseboard Installation

What they have to say: Fully equipped with quality electric sanders and stucco machines, we prepare your walls and exterior for the perfect paint job. We don’t just cover up flaws with paint, we repair them, injecting caulk and repairing wood as needed before we begin painting. You’ll rest easy with our work warranties, ranging from 1 to 5 years and covering labor, materials, and repairs.

Trust the company that uses only the best caulk available, known for its ability to better fill cracks and its 40-year longevity. You’ll notice the difference between our stucco repairs and other companies’ techniques with our seamless application, made possible by our commercial grade stucco machine.

Rhino Shield of Southern California      

Services Orange County
(855) 744-6645

What they have to say: The benefits of Rhino Shield go far beyond longevity and durability. One of the most noticeable benefits of Rhino Shield is that it beautifies your California home or building. With a luxurious sheen, our paint will look great the day it’s applied and for years to come. With a regular coat of paint, you may have to put up with chipping or flaking paint until you have time to repaint. This isn’t the case with Rhino Shield, as it’s guaranteed to last for at least 25 years. Rhino Shield also acts as a multi-purpose protective coating. Our paint has been proven to reflect UV-rays, decreasing the temperature of the walls of your home and reducing energy costs. Lab tests have also revealed that Rhino Shield provides substantial soundproofing qualities. Rhino Shield also has a Class a fire rating, making it ideal for the dry climate of California. Additionally, a coat of Rhino Shield will increase the value of your home or building. A prospective buyer will take into account the coat of paint and how soon it will need to be repainted. Our 25 year warranty is transferrable between owners, so buyers can rest assured they still wouldn’t need to repaint for at least several years.

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