The District at Tustin Legacy

By Kelly Mitchell

The moment I found out I was having a little girl, my mind starting swimming (literally). I have always been slightly obsessed with the ocean and sort of fancied myself a mermaid for most of my own life, so it was only fitting that I could carry out my love of mermaids with a daughter. I promptly decorated her room with mermaid and ocean decor and it became my soothing happy place “under the sea” where I loved to be while rocking her to sleep, and just to chill out.

This year Cassidy turned five, and it seemed like the perfect year to finally throw her the mermaid themed birthday party that I had always dreamed of. The party itself was great, but coincidentally there seemed to be mermaid activities popping up all over the place around here, and every one has been great! If you have a daughter who loves mermaids, allow me to hip you to some great goings on around town that you really ought to splash into!

We then went to the Little Mermaid in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. This was an exclusive 3 night event with an all star cast. The first two nights featured Sara Bareilles as Ariel, and the third night Ariel’s was none other than Jodi Benson-AKA the voice of Ariel in the Disney movie. What a treat! Sebastian was Titus Burgess, Rebel Wilson was Ursula and John Stamos was hilarious as the Chef. Sadly this run is over, but half of the charm of going to the Hollywood Bowl is being outside under the stars enjoying a beautiful concert. Although you can’t see The Little Mermaid in concert, there are plenty more to check out this summer!

On Cassidy’s actual birthday, I made a reservation at Once Upon an Island and requested Elsa to dress up as a mermaid. My friend brought her two girls as well and they dressed up in mermaid tails and had an absolute blast! You can reserve a princess for story time and crafts and many other options. There are also mermaid camps this summer which I plan to sign up for as well!

 To bring it all to a close, we had a mermaid themed birthday pool party at our house. I will admit that I am pretty crafty, but I don’t know if I am Pinterest-quality crafty, I just make stuff up on the fly with what I have lying around the house. For the decor, I created a mermaid grotto using green streamers for seaweed, and pipe cleaners for coral in sand filled terrariums. I also found some old tupperware and scraps of ribbon and made jellyfish to hang from the ceiling. Easy peasy! You do not have to spend tons of money for parties, I am telling you. I spent about $3 on the decor. The girls wore their mermaid tails, and flipped their tails and swam for hours. I found the best local Character-for-hire company called Magic Mirror Entertainment and they were great! Ariel arrived in a beautiful mermaid costume, and the girls were ecstatic. She read them a story, sang, and then broke out her treasure chest and they all got to pass around the treasures that she has collected for her grotto. She colored with the kids, then took out a bunch of shells and helped them all to make the cutest shell necklaces to keep! She sang Happy Birthday to Cassidy and helped pass out the cake. She did a wonderful job and I highly recommend supporting this local company! We communicated from booking to arrival through emails and text messages and it could not have been easier. Check them out here:

If you want to splash into summer like a real mermaid, these are just some things you can do to make your little girl’s under water dreams come true!

Theatre Under the Stars – Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” at TUTS, September 2015.

First up we saw “Disney’s The Little Mermaid” playing at La Mirada Theatre For Performing Arts. I did short preview that you can read here:

This is a show not to be missed! The “mermaid” actors are suspended on cables to give the feel of really swimming and being under the sea. The costumes are absolutely stunning and the talent is mind blowing. It is top notch Broadway caliber stuff. I loved every second of it and so did my five year old. It is playing till June 26th, and you should not miss it. I believe this is the final tour and your last chance to see it! (PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Bruce Bennett, Theatre Under the Stars)

How To Swim Into Summer Like a Mermaid