By Kelly Mitchell

Do you shy away from taking your kids out to a nice sushi place? My husband and I used to reserve sushi for our “date nights” but lately we have been taking the kids with us because sometimes you just need your sushi fix. Surprisingly, there are a lot of things on the menu that they like! Last night we tried Sushi Roku in Fashion Island and it was perfect. The Newport Beach location has made their upscale restaurant appealing to both date night and family night patrons.

It was a very easy night out with my kids. We sat out on the patio (I ALWAYS choose patio seating when I have the kiddos), and the heat lamps made us feel cozy. They were comfortable and they ate, and they liked it.  Afterward we saw the beautiful giant Christmas tree lit up in all its glory and even stopped by to meet Santa. Totally successful night out with my kiddos.

Sushi Roku Fashion Island is located at 327 Newport Center Drive in Newport Beach (adjacent to Macy’s, across from True Food Kitchen). For more information about Sushi Roku’s menu and other locations, visit

I took my 6-year-old and 4-year-old to a special family night where they learned about sushi in general, and even made their own hand rolls. As all parents know, if kids create their own food, they are much more likely to eat it. My son likes crab so he made a crab roll with rice, and my vegetarian daughter created an avocado rice roll. They also each had a bento box with shrimp tempura, edamame beans and fried chicken strips. My bento box had teriyaki chicken and my son preferred mine to his, and devoured it.

The little ones had no trouble at all with their chopsticks and they were pretty entertained figuring out how to use them. For kids, they put a plastic chopstick helper to hold them together. Easy peasy!

Their favorite was the s’mores dessert, which was perfect for a group to share.  Marshmallows, skewers, chocolate, white chocolate dip and green tea mochi arranged beautifully on a plate. It looked like more like art than food.

It’s Dinner Time at Sushi Roku!

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