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Little Mermaid: Broadway right here in La Mirada, who knew? Now you do!

By Kelly Mitchell

One of the things I miss so much about living in New York City is the convenient opportunity to see Broadway shows whenever I want. I was particularly sad when I moved away, and then saw that there was a stage adaptation for The Little Mermaid on Broadway and I MISSED IT! If there was ever a musical I would do anything to see on stage, that is pretty much the one I’d choose.

Years have passed since I moved from Manhattan. I have two small kids, so needless to say, I don’t get out to the theater much, unless it’s a children’s production. When my Disney princess loving daughter turned four, I brought her to see Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and she actually loved it! Even though it wasn’t the Disney version she was familiar with, she fell in love with the extravagant costumes and live singing and dancing.  That night I decided it was going to be a tradition to take her to see a show for her birthday from here on out.

This year, as I was planning her mermaid themed birthday party, I saw that La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts is putting on none other than Broadway’s (and Disney’s) Little Mermaid! You guys! I FINALLY get to see it! It’s fate! Oh but wait, this is about my daughter, oh yeah.

Is my mermaid obsessed daughter the only one who is going to love this show? When I told my family I was taking Cassidy to see it, everybody asked to get them a ticket as well. I have a Broadway fanatic niece, parents who love anything on the stage, a sister and even a brother who love the Disney version of The Little Mermaid as much as I do. We can still sing the soundtrack by heart all these years later.

Suffice it to say, this is a perfect show for the whole family and I cannot wait to share it with my daughter (and apparently everyone else in my family).

Broadway right here in La Mirada, who knew? Now you do!

Performances run from June 3-26 and tickets are going fast! There are even Talk-back sessions with the cast on June 8 and June 22.

Check it out and jump in!