Name: Brittany Arnold

How many kids?  3 What ages? 13, 9, and 4

What city do you live in? Mission Viejo

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? The ability to watch the kids grow, and be able to help them discover their purpose. Being there when most needed and for fun too!

What is your least favorite thing about being a mom? After school pick up… its worse than the a packed freeway on a Friday! I at least put my head on the wheel 3 times a week holding my breath to pray for patience ; ) !

Meet Brittany Arnold

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Motherhood is full of surprises, what is one thing that has surprised you the most about being a mom? That no matter how much you parent the same, each kid is completely different.

Do you have a career? Yes

If so, any advice you can share on balancing the work/family life?  Car talk makes for the best conversations. We have our chore list for am and chore list for pm. I run majority of errands on lunch (uninterrupted!!) I try my hardest to plan a week in advance so we are all on the same page. And ALWAYS eat dinner together…most nights we all make it together great time to bond!

Give us your “inner Yoda” advice. What is that one thing you want to share with other moms? Pick and Choose your Battles. If my kid is excited for picking out 2 socks that are completely different…I am just happy they picked out 2 socks.

When not with your kids, what do you like to spend time doing? Walking down store isles at a slow speed…and ENJOY all the things I normally pass while chasing a toddler.

Date night:Any great finds or places you like on date night? Sushi! We enjoy going to Tommy’s Sushi in Tustin, they are a small little place with amazing hand rolls. Hint Hint…if hubby is reading this.

What’s for dinner?  Spinach Ravioli with Veggies

Five year plan. Where do you see yourself five years from now? I see myself continuing to build our company, while taking more days off to enjoy some traveling adventures with the family.

I enjoy challenges, I am a women of God, I like to make the best out of each day and count my blessings. I teach my kids that no matter what you have or do, we are no better than our neighbor and to I make sure and treat everyone the same. I am the one who always has my door open I love to entertain even if the house is messy, friends and family know they are able to stop by whenever we might even cook you dinner.