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Meet Gina Ozhuthual

What is your least favorite thing about being a mom?  Least favorite thing about being a mom, would probably just be the exhaustion, and the fact that there's never enough hours in the day.

Motherhood is full of surprises, what is one thing that has surprised you the most about being a mom?  What has surprised me most about being a Mom? With Camilla being at this age, she surprises me every day. There are so many big changes literally from day to day in her development, her abilities, and her personality that it's just awesome to watch unfold. My husband and I can't stop staring at her and still can't believe "we made her."

Do you have a career? Yes, I've been in sales for a Fortune 500 company for 18 years, and I also founded Bohemian Mama, an online fashion and lifestyle brand in 2015. We just debuted a 24-foot mobile retail boutique that we will be setting up at festivals, streets fairs, and concerts throughout Southern California. The truck is great because it also allows us to provide private shopping experiences and free personal styling consultations on demand. The sessions can be used to find the ideal outfit for casual events, date nights, festivals, BBQs, concerts, and more for customers without them leaving home.

If so, any advice you can share on balancing the work/family life?
There will be bad days, there will be events that are unfair, there will be "unfacebook worthy" moments, but there will also be so much joy, so much potential, so much success, and so many lessons to be learned from each experience. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and take the moments for what they are.... Moments. Try to remember that there is nothing more important in this life than family, and creating little human beings that grow up to be loving adults that mold the world in a positive way. So put down the cell phone, be present, and remember to be patient and kind. I know it's not always easy, I have to slow down and remind myself of this regularly... And that's ok.

Give us your “inner Yoda” advice. What is that one thing you want to share with other moms?  My "Inner Yoda" advice, would be pick a mantra that embodies your spirit. Repeat this often to yourself. Mine is "Even on my worst day, I'm killing it." It reminds me that bad days happen, but even then, I'm grateful for how much awesomeness I have in my life!

When not with your kids, what do you like to spend time doing? I enjoy being active, hanging with friends, going to a good concert or music festival…. Oh, and spa treatments.

Date night?Any great finds or places you like on date night? James and I rarely if ever go out without Camilla right now. That's ok for us. We love to do dinners and that kind of thing. But we are east coast transplants, so what we enjoy most is exploring Southern California. Finding great hikes, or parks. Going for a walk, or bike ride and enjoying this amazing landscape we feel very lucky to have.
What’s for dinner?  Haha that's a good question. In my past life, I was quite the cook, and loved to entertain. I'll get back to that again, but for now I keep it simple. Grilling and veggies. Can't get enough veggies.

Five year plan. Where do you see yourself five years from now? I would really like to have expanded Bohemian Mama as not just a chic boutique destination for the Boho-Luxe, but really build the lifestyle brand I have in mind. Active-wear, Children's clothing, maternity, and more that embodies the spirit of my company. Oh, and raising two beautiful, healthy children with my kick a—husband

I am a girly girl for sure. I love pretty things and to feel beautiful, while also being decisive, assertive and driven to achieve when I need to be. To me, femininity is so much more than its traditional definition. It is a supernova of both masculine and feminine energy and ability lovingly combined within a nurturing and emotional spirit. I feel most powerful when I am feeling confident and in touch with who I am without insecurity about myself or what I aim to achieve. When looking and feeling the part meet, I am unstoppable. It's important that as women and mothers, we remember to truly take care of ourselves in order to best serve our loved ones. It's invaluable. So get over the "mommy guilt," take time to center yourself, rest, pamper, and love. Your family will thank you for it.

How many kids? 1, Camilla Jaymes.  What ages? Camilla is about 10 months old.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
My favorite thing about being a Mom, especially a super career driven mom who's been in the corporate world for years dealing with men, other women, egos, and wasn't necessarily that maternally dominant of an individual, is feeling the transformation and empowerment of becoming a mother, adapting to all the requirements and changes that come with it, while STILL dealing with career, starting a business, and being a wife. It really made me realize how freaking powerful we really are. It's like that saying, "Women can do everything men can do, except they can also do it backwards and in heels."

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