Name: Julie Podolec
How many kids?  2 kids What ages? Brooks age 4, Vivian age 2
What city do you live in? Dana Point, CA
What is your favorite thing about being a mom? My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my kids interact together. It's amazing to see these little people evolve as individuals with their unique thoughts, opinions and personalities. 
What is your least favorite thing about being a mom? The constant need to always be ON and alert. 
Motherhood is full of surprises, what is one thing that has surprised you the most about being a mom? The level of love you have for your own child. Until you have them, you can't comprehend the level of love! Your children always come first. As a mother you put everything on the line for them.
Do you have a career? Yes, my husband and I co-founded Modern Pop, Inc. Modern Pop is a SoCal inspired frozen fruit bar company dedicated to using MORE fruit, less sugar and simple ingredients.
Any advice you can share on balancing the work/family life? ADVICE: make sure you love what you do and be sure to take breaks. It's OK to hide your phone for a couple hours and surrender to playing Legos. 
Give us your “inner Yoda” advice. What is that one thing you want to share with other moms? Make time for you. You don't need to be with your kids ALL the time. It's the quality of time spent vs. the quantity. A happy woman is a better parent and a better wife. 
When not with your kids, what do you like to spend time doing? Work! It sounds crazy, but I really find joy in building a brand. I love watching it evolve, jumping over hurdles and seeing a vision become a reality. I also really enjoy teaming together with my husband. He really pushes me to do well. Watching a great movie, on the couch with popcorn and wine is good too! 
Date night: Any great finds or places you like on date night?
What’s for dinner?  
Five year plan. Where do you see yourself five years from now? I see myself being happy. I really believe that with the correct mindset, you can define your own success. I also believe strongly that people gravitate towards good energy. Put it out there, get excited and good things will happen!  
I'm a passionate person that doesn't give up. I'm committed to making things happen, and working hard to achieve results. My business and family remind me that we are all more capable than we sometimes think we are. I am thankful for healthy kids and a husband that is my partner- for it all

Meet Julie Podolec

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