How many kids? I have three children; Jackson, Lucas and Scarlett  What ages? They are 11, 9 and 6.

What city do you live in? We live in Ladera Ranch, Ca

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? My favorite thing about being a mom is watching them grow up and learn to move through life.  As a mom, I am constantly worrying about doing the wrong thing and screwing my children up somehow.  To see them start to make good decisions, treat people kindly, and work hard to achieve their goals is incredibly special to watch and makes you realize, your children are growing up to be good human beings, even if I have dropped the ball more times than I can count!

What is your least favorite thing about being a mom? My least favorite thing about being a mom is the schedules!  Sometimes I feel like I am working in fast-forward, unable to keep up with all the places everyone needs to be.  It can definitely get overwhelming at times and nothing feels better than Summer time with no school or activities.  I am still trying to think of a way to throw all schedules out the window.

Motherhood is full of surprises, what is one thing that has surprised you the most about being a mom?   Why is this the hardest question to answer?  I guess because I have been surprised so much that finding one thing is impossible.  The entire journey of being a mom has surprised me.  The amount of love you can feel for someone, how much it hurts you when they are hurt, how fast it seems to be going, how annoyed I can get with them, how much I miss then when I am gone, how different each one of them are.  It is one surprise after the next!

Do you have a career?  Do I have a career?  Hmmm…well, I did have a corporate one for the first 9 years of being a parent.  When I finally decided to walk away from that world I started a lifestyle blog and that has since evolved into a number of things such as personal styling and social media consulting for parents and teens.

If so, any advice you can share on balancing the work/family life?  Balance is a tricky word because sometimes I feel that it sets an expectation that balance is always possible.  I honestly don’t believe that it is true.  I don’t think you always need balance, plus, that creates a lot of stress for some when they think they do.  I think the more important question is, what are your priorities?  In the crazy world of motherhood, any given week you may feel like there is no balance but if your priorities are set, you can confidently move through all expectations, both from work and family.

Give us your “inner Yoda” advice. What is that one thing you want to share with other moms?  Two things.  First and foremost, “to each their own”.  If I have learned anything from being a mom for the past 11 years, it is that everyone is going to parent differently and you may feel judged by others based on decisions you may make.  As long as you feel in your gut that your decisions are best for your family, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks (or says out loud to your face … I have still never understood this).

Second, don’t take parenting too seriously.  I have watched many moms (me included) get caught up in things that really just don’t matter.  Grades, sports, activities, friends.  The list can go on and on.  In the end, we are suppose to enjoy this ride with our little ones so don’t let the anxiety of keeping up with everyone else ruin that for you or your children.  Just because everyone else is freaking out about college when they are 5 yr. old doesn’t mean you have to too.

When not with your kids, what do you like to spend time doing?  I love to stay active and try to workout every day after the kids go to school.  Starting each day with a clear head is huge.  Date night is extremely important to me.  It is how I connect with my husband without someone yelling “MOMMY!” every five seconds.  Also, you will never see me pass up a Girls Night Out.  Finally, I wrote a lifestyle blog for some time so I would be lying if I didn’t say I love a good shopping trip.  

Date night: Any great finds or places you like on date night?  I love to eat so give me a restaurant with good food and tasty cocktails and I am in.  Some of my favorites are Hanna’s in RSM, Ramos House (for a day date) and Rancho Capistrano Winery in San Juan or Broadway in Laguna Beach.

What’s for dinner?  That is a good question.  Sometimes I kill it in the kitchen and other nights it is all about the In N Out drive thru.  Right now I am currently obsessed with Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook “Cravings”.  I have yet to try a recipe the family hasn’t loved.

Five year plan. Where do you see yourself five years from now?  It just hit me when thinking about this question that in five years I will have a High School Junior one year away from going off to college which means in five years I will be freaking out.    

To sum myself up, I am just like all of you.  A 30-something year old mom living in Orange County trying her hardest to raise good kids, love every second of life, be a loving wife, have a career and do it all “juggling in heels” (yes, that is my social media handle…I had to throw it out at some point right?).  Many times I get it right and many, many times I don’t but hey, I am still learning too.  That is the funniest part about life and being a wife and mom.  The older I get, the more I realize how little I know.  Good thing the kids haven’t figured that out yet.

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