Mom’s Night Out

Moms work hard, and get little recognition for their work. Most moms juggle taking care of children, keeping their home in order, getting food on the table, and keeping everyone in the house clothed and groomed. This means they stay busy. In addition to that, many moms also have full or part time jobs. Most moms do not get a break very often. A mom’s night out is a great thing for moms. The following is a look at some of the reasons a mom’s night out is important:

Reason one: It allows moms to have an identity outside of mommy. When moms go on a mom’s night out, they do it without their children. This means they do not have to answer to “mom” all night, and they get to do something that they like doing, rather than something their kids like to do. Sometimes, as a mom, you get so used to sacrificing your wishes and needs for those of your kids that you forget what yours are. You forget that you much prefer Papa John’s pizza to Chuck E Cheese’s. You forget that movies have ratings other than G, and that you can buy things at Wal-Mart besides diapers and sippy cups. On a mom’s night out you get back in touch with the stuff you enjoy, and reconnect with the person you were before you had kids.

Reason two: It gives mom a chance to take a break. Kids whine. Kids cry. Kids are needy, and have little patience. Even the kindest, most patient mother can get fed up with kids, and need a little break from the high pitched wails and complaints. Being a mom is a thankless job. You take your kids to McDonald’s and instead of thanking you for a fun lunch out, they complain that you got them chicken nuggets when they wanted a hamburger. So, a mom’s night out is a much needed break that can help moms restore their sanity and give them the energy and mental reboot to deal with the fussing and whining of their kids. Part of being a mom means always putting your children first. However, if you do this too much, you start to live unhappily. So, having a night every now and then where you come first is critical for staying that happy loving mom you want to be.

Reason three: It allows for adult conversation. Mom’s night out is important because most moms, especially stay at home moms, get very little interaction outside of their children. Kids have demanding schedules. Kids need naps. Kids get grumpy when they overdo it. Kids have little league, preschool, dance classes, etc. which means that moms run from here to there, and their conversations consist of, “Say please.” “What did I tell you about whining?” “Did you remember your shin guards.” “I said no”. “What do you want for dinner?” When mom has a night out, they do not have to talk about poop, diapers, manners, or anything else mom-ish. They can talk politics, religion, world affairs, etc. This means Dora, Little Einstiens, Winnie the Pooh, preschool, and other kid topics can be left out. This is good for mom’s mind, and for her sanity.

When Mom gets her night out once in a while, she will be a happier and more fulfilled mother.

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Beverly Frank