We loved the award winning grilled corn on the cob. My son absolutely LOVED it, and we can’t get him to eat corn at home. We also had a taco sampler plate (my favorite was fish), fajitas and a chicken salad-all delicious. We finished off with churros y chocolate-my kids’ favorite, of course. It wasn’t just any melted chocolate for dipping either, it was that one real Mexican chocolate with the unique sweetness and spiciness. Que buenisimo!

If you are going without the kids, you might want to sit at the gorgeous bar which looks like it’s right out of a movie set. The bar menu at Solita takes an equally fresh approach to traditional Mexican cocktails, featuring fresh fruit-based and agave-sweetened margaritas made with 100% blue agave tequilas. I was leary to try a watermelon margarita, but it might be my new favorite. It was surprisingly light and refreshing and not too sweet.

By Kelly Mitchell

Any Southern Californian will tell you that you don’t have to go too far to find amazing Mexican food around here. We are so lucky to have such a plethora of great places to choose from. But sometimes there are some that stand out more than others. Solita in Bella Terra is one of those places.

At the heart of the restaurant and the menu is a wood-fired open grill and oak smoker, the inspiration for Executive Chef Deborah Schneider’s unique takes on familiar Mexican favorites such as tacos, carne asada, oak–roasted chipotle chicken, red chile borracho beef and wood-grilled wild fish, among many other things.  What sets Solita apart, in my opinion, is the fact that everything is created with premium fresh ingredients and served with delicious hand-made salsas. They deliver a Mexican food experience in a way that represents the soul of coastal Baja California.

Solita is celebrating two years at Bella Terra and if you haven’t been-check it out: with your friends, your significant other, or the whole familia.

Solita Tacos & Margaritas is located at Huntington Beach’s Bella Terra Center (7631 Edinger Avenue, Suite 1508).

solita for mamacita

The first time I went there, it had just opened and I went with a group of women. I was immediately smitten by the ambience…and the giant margaritas. I made a mental note to take my husband back there for a date night (Bella Terra is our go to for dinner and a movie). We did make it back, but we actually had our kids in tow, which was not what I had imagined. I wasn’t sure if there would be enough kid friendly items to keep them content. It ended up being a great family friendly dinner spot and lo and behold, the kids ate! Correction, one of my kids ate. The other one, who eats nothing but yogurt and strawberries, was able to order a side of tortilla and giant bowl of strawberries and she was a perfectly happy senorita. Whatever works!

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