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Since its release, Pokemon Go has been one of the most talked about gaming apps available. It has been downloaded by roughly 5-percent of Android users, and that is just to start. The producers of the app temporarily halted downloads just to help deal with the extra traffic. This boost in popularity has left many people wondering just what is Pokemon Go and how is it different than anything I’ve ever played?

What is Pokemon?                  

Pokemon, also known as Pocket Monsters, is a popular video game series created in 1996. It is owned by Nintendo. The main series has expanded to 25 games since its initial release with two more on the way. While there are dozens of spin-off games, the main series uses the same premise.

The games start the player in a new town where they learn about mysterious monsters called Pokemon. Players can then capture, collect, trade and battle the monsters they find in the virtual world. A story mode allows the players to explore the world of Pokemon in the third person.

How Pokemon Go Takes It a Step Further                  

Pokemon Go is very similar to the previous Nintendo games, only they use augmented reality. Instead of controlling a character, players are able to see monsters and use items in first person. Instead of hunting for monsters in a fictional world, Go players see the monsters in the real world.

Emerging Yourself in Go                      

Because the game uses augmented reality, players will need to physically travel far and wide if they want to be the very best. Unlike other releases, players cannot find all of the different monsters simply by sitting in their living room. For example, a water-type Pokemon isn’t going to be in your front yard unless there is a large body of water in it.

Players need to use the app to find specific monsters, stores to buy supplies and other trainers to battle. This encourages players to explore the world around them, giving them a more immersive and engaging experience.

While Go is still fairly new, feedback on the game has been very positive. Local businesses are enjoying the extra traffic from trainers seeking monsters and supplies. Parents and physicians like that the game encourages players to walk and get exercise. Most importantly, players love this new, first-person version of a classic video game.

What is Pokemon Go?