By Morgan McKean

I know it’s hard… you really, really, REALLY want someone or thing, and you can see every reason you’re a “perfect” match to it/them but, at the end of the day, instead of living what you think is your happily ever after… you get REJECTED!

Now you’re thinking…. “What the *%&$^#* ?!?!?” and I don’t blame you… as I’ve been there MANY a time myself. And, what I’ve discovered through my spiritual practices and real-world experience is this…

“Anytime you’re being rejected it’s because something better suited to who you are being is trying to show up in your world.”

I also understand that while this insight may bring you some comfort when your heart is broken and achy, it may not be enough to bring you out of it… so, here are some additional insights that may help you move faster towards your “redirect” instead of wallowing away in your rejection.

If you look closely at the relationship or opportunity you believe you want, you will often notice areas that (if you loved and believed in yourself more) you wouldn’t settle for.

If it was a job, you may realize that the pressure, commute, who you need to be, or how you need to spend your day, really isn’t a good match to bring satisfaction to your soul. If it’s a person or relationship you’re being rejected from, rather than believe you are less than in some way, consider that the person just isn’t in resonance with who you are being.

Often times when we’re scared, we will manifest a person or situation that is “almost” what we want, and then we’ll work like mad to prove we’re equal to it. The reason being is that this “almost” version reflects the totality of our beliefs… and our fear drives us to try everything to be equal to it (which may mean shrinking ourselves to someone even smaller to fit what we believe they want us to be in order to be accepted) until we feel so much pain and frustration around the idea of being with them that we’re often left defeated and drained.

However, when you believe that EVERYTHING is always working for you, and that all you have to do is show up and be you, you’ll see that you were trying to force something that WASN’T MEANT TO BE… which is why you experience those feelings of PAIN… to help you redirect your thought-stream.

You’re NOT Being Rejected, You’re being RE-DIRECTED